Ed FitzGerald


Kasich Helped Special Interests at Expense of Ohio’s Farmers

COLUMBUS – Today in Fayette County, Governor Kasich will tout his record helping Ohio’s farmers. But in reality, Governor Kasich has consistently sided with the wealthy and well connected over Ohio’s farmers on everything from increasing property taxes to a freeze on wind farm development. But perhaps, the Governor’s backwards policy is best symbolized by […]

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FitzGerald Statement on Scarcity of Medium & High Wage Jobs in Ohio

COLUMBUS – Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald released the following statement on a report released today by Innovation Ohio, which shows that “while 9 out of 10 Ohio jobs lost during the Great Recession paid medium or high wages, low-paying jobs account for virtually all Ohio job growth during the recovery.” “The evidence that Governor Kasich’s economic […]

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Toledo Police Command Officers’ Association Endorse FitzGerald

TOLEDO – The Toledo Police Command Officers’ Association has announced its endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial nominee and Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald. FitzGerald has also been endorsed by Ohio’s Fraternal Order of Police, the Ohio State Troopers Association, and Ohio’s Association of Professional Fire Fighters. “Members of our Association appreciate the strong law and order […]

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Kasich Silent on Ohio River Water Contamination

COLUMBUS – Governor Kasich has yet to say anything on the Duke Energy oil spill that lead to the closure of the Ohio River yesterday. This spill is the second contamination incident on the Ohio River this summer, but the Governor has yet to announce any plan to prevent future contamination or hazardous material transportation […]

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Neuhardt Statement on Sharonville Clinic Announcement

COLUMBUS – Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor Sharen Neuhardt released the following statement on today’s announcement from the Women’s Med clinic in Sharonville. “For the last three years, the Governor has taken a gradual but aggressive approach to dismantling reproductive rights in this state. Today, his underground campaign had it’s latest victory in Sharonville. If […]

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FACT CHECK: Kasich’s Tough Policies Work Only for the Wealthy

COLUMBUS – Governor Kasich’s latest ad claims that he is tough but effective when it comes to helping Ohio’s working families. In reality, the Governor’s policies show that he has learned little from his resounding SB 5 defeat. For the last three years, Kasich has made cuts to teachers, police, firefighters, and seniors to fund […]

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FitzGerald Campaign Statement: Ohio Ranks #1 in Job Loss in U.S.

COLUMBUS – Following the news that Ohio had the highest job loss in the United States last month – losing 12,400 jobs – FitzGerald Campaign Press Secretary Lauren Hitt released the following statement: “Governor Kasich is failing middle class Ohioans. He inherited an economy that was leading the nation’s economic recovery, and now Ohio is […]

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FACT CHECK: Kasich’s Policies Prioritize Out of State CEOs Over Ohio’s Small Businesses

COLUMBUS – Today, Governor Kasich proposed a new workers compensation rebate to tout his pro-business credentials. Here’s why that’s all empty rhetoric: Kasich’s “pro-business” policies have benefitted large corporations, many overseas, while Ohio’s small business have struggled against higher CAT and sales taxes as well as other policies that benefit special interests at the expense of hardworking Ohioans: […]

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Ohio State Troopers Association Endorses FitzGerald for Governor

COLUMBUS - The Ohio State Troopers Association officially confirmed their endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald today. The Troopers cited FitzGerald’s eight years in law enforcement and his strong opposition to SB 5 in their endorsement. In announcing FitzGerald’s endorsement to supporters and members online, the Troopers Association stated, “On the basis of his history of success, his dedication to […]

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